What is the GAMCA Medical Test?

GAMCA medical test is a mandatory examination for those who wish to seek employment in GCC countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. It is conducted by GCC-approved medical centres to check the fitness of the candidate and generate a medical report. This test is to be taken by all those who intend to work in Gulf countries, hence, you need to take the GAMCA medical examinations in a reputable centre. It is important to note that a GAMCA Unfit report will not allow you to work in the Gulf and will also prevent you from applying for a visa in future. It is important to understand the timeframes and implications associated with a GAMCA unfit report and make sure that you address any underlying health concerns before reapplying for a new examination.

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Wafid GAMCA Medical
Wafid GAMCA Medical
GAMCA Approved Medical Examination Centers in Calicut
Wafid GAMCA Medical


Wafid GAMCA Medical

Importance of GAMCA Medical Test:

GCC-approved medical centres have high standards, international accreditation, and a dedicated staff. They focus on the well-being of their patients and are held to strict ethical practices. They have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment and are committed to providing superior customer service. Choosing the right medical centre is essential for a successful GAMCA test, so look for one with an established track record, modern facilities, and highly experienced doctors.

The GAMCA medical exam consists of a series of tests that evaluate your overall health and fitness. It is a detailed, comprehensive examination that examines your respiratory system, digestive tract, and cardiovascular system, among others. It also includes a physical examination, height, weight, and pulse rate checks. The GAMCA medical examination is administered by trained and qualified nurses and doctors who will analyze your results. If you are found fit, you will be issued with a GAMCA certificate that can be used to apply for a visa in the Gulf.

If you are found unfit, you will be barred from working in the Gulf for a specific period. However, you can reapply for the GAMCA examination once this ban has ended. You must ensure that you have addressed the underlying health issues and that you have the necessary documentation to support your improved medical condition. This will increase your chances of receiving a positive report during the reevaluation.

GAMCA is an organization that is regulated by the Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for GCC States. It is a group of healthcare professionals who have created a framework to set high standards for medical check-ups for expatriates from South Asian countries such as Bangladesh and India. GAMCA is now recognized by Embassies and all leading manpower recruitment agencies in the country as well as in the Gulf countries. This organization has brought back discipline in the manpower business which was lost when GCC employers had open medical i.e., the medical was allowed to be done from any Medical Centre. During that time, some agents started to negotiate hard with the medical centres to extract kickback against each person which resulted in the deterioration of the health examination and testing standards in general.

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