Medical Examinations Conducted at Wafid (Gamca) Medical Center

Medical Examinations Conducted at Wafid (Gamca) Medical Center

Wafid (Gamca) Medical Center will conduct medical examinations and provide details about them.

The Wafid Medical Center, also known as GAMCA, checks the health of job seekers in the Gulf countries. Here are some key details about the medical examinations conducted at Wafid (Gamca) Medical Center:-

1. General Health Checkup:

The exam starts with a thorough health assessment. It looks at the person’s medical history and any existing conditions.

2. Blood Tests:

Conduct Different blood tests to check the overall health of candidates. These tests focus on finding infectious diseases like HIV, hepatitis, and syphilis.

3. Chest X-Ray:

To prevent the spread of diseases like tuberculosis, a chest X-ray is needed.

4. Urine Analysis:

A urinalysis is done to detect diabetes, kidney diseases, and urinary tract infections.

5. Vision and Hearing Tests:

We assess vision and hearing to make sure candidates can see and hear well for their jobs.

6. Physical Examination:

To make sure job performance is not affected, a complete physical exam is done.

7. Vaccinations:

Candidates in Gulf countries may need vaccines to prevent the spread of diseases. The vaccines depend on each country’s requirements.

8. Psychological Evaluation:

Employers may require a psychological evaluation to assess job applicants’ mental fitness.

9. Job-Specific Fitness Assessment:

The medical examination improves the nature of the job. For example, people who work offshore may have more assessments than those in office jobs.

10. Medical Certificate:

Candidates who pass the medical exam get a medical fitness certificate for a Gulf work visa.

Keep in mind that the medical exam needed depend

Keep in mind that the medical exam needed depends on your destination and job type. To meet the standards, contact the right authorities and the employer. To keep people healthy in the Gulf, these tests stop diseases from spreading.

Contact Wafid (Gamca) Medical Center to Conduct Medical Examinations

To schedule medical exams at the Wafid (GAMCA) Medical Center, simply call their office. They will assist you and provide important details about tests, appointments, and fees. To get a work visa for Gulf countries, you must meet the medical requirements. Wafid (GAMCA) Medical Center will help you with this step.

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