How To Book WAFID Medical Appointment

How To Book WAFID Medical Appointment

How To Book a WAFID Medical Appointment!

Have you cracked your job interview to another nation or one of the top GCC nations? and now you are excited or busy for the preparation to go there? But in this hurry, you forgot to book your Wafid medical appointment or you don`t know what is Wafid medical test and why it is important. So, feel relaxed because, in this blog post, we will discuss everything about what is Wafid Medical and how you book a Wafid Medical Appointment.

What is WAFID Medical?

Without making any move, it is important to know what is Wafid Medical. Wafid Medical Test is one of the necessary and mandatory medical tests that is organised by GGC countries. A person who is well to travel or do a job or for a living purpose in GGC countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and/or Oman (Six GCC-Nation) needed to do a Wafid (Gamca) medical tests report. This test is mandatory for everyone whatever they are. if he/she is a student who is willing to fly high and wants to go to Gulf countries for higher studies they must undergo the WAFID medical test to obtain a WAFID fitment certificate.

So, the people who want to go to GCC countries or need a WAFID fitment certificate, need to book WAFID medical appointments online, because there is no other way to book an appointment for a Wafid (Gamca) Medical Test.

Online WAFID (Gamca) Medical Appointment Booking Process

If you want to book a Wafid (Gamac) Medical Appointment online, follow the complete procedure given below,

  • You can visit the official website of Wafid Medical
  • After this, you have to provide all the information asked to fill out the WAFID appointment form.
  • Finally, click on the Book Appointment button. Once you click, you will be directed to the payment page.
  • Then click to make the payment
  • Finally, download the GCC Medical Slip and check your email for confirmation.

Note: You must provide a working email address and your active phone number. Because the GCC Medical Appointment Slip will be sent to your registered email address only. Online payments are only accepted through credit cards.

GCC Medical Fees for All Gulf Countries For Appointment

Candidates are required to pay only Rs. 1400/- Wafid registration. Although the cost of the medical centre varies depending on the GCC country you are applying for. Let us check out the medical centre fees depending on the Gulf nation you apply,

Medical Center Fees for WAFID Test,

  • Saudi Arabia – Rs. 5500/-
  • Qatar – Rs. 5000/-
  • UAE – Rs. 4800/-
  • Oman – Rs. 4800/-
  • Bahrain – Rs. 4800/-
  • Kuwait – Rs. 4800/-
  • Yemen– Rs. 4800/-

Documents Required For Medical Test

The WAFID medical examination requires a candidate to have…

  • GCC medical appointment slip
  • Original passport or Photocopy of Passport

Others Document

  • Oman: Blue Background Photograph (6 Nos.)
  • Saudi: White Background Photograph (7 Nos.)
  • Qatar: White Background Photograph (6 Nos.)
  • Bahrain: White Background Photograph (6 Nos.)
  • Kuwait: White Background Photograph (6 Nos.), Original Visa / E-Visa
  • UAE: White Background Photograph (6 Nos.)

For a hassle-free WAFID medical appointment service, contact Wafid (Gamca) Medical Center, one of the best WAFID online medical appointment counsellors in Mumbai.

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