Wafid Medical Appointment for Bahrain Visa

Before departing to Oman for employment or any other purpose, all ex-spouses must first undergo a medical examination in order to obtain an Oman work visa, Oman residential visa, etc. This requirement applies to all persons over the age of 16 departing from specified countries. Hence you can book your medical appointment through Wafid Medical Appointment for Oman Visa which is valid in this GCC country.

What is the medical test for Oman?

Medical test for Oman visa is essentially a program by the Gulf Health Council that aims to evaluate the health and fitness of expatriates to ensure that they are medically fit to work and free from infectious diseases.

Who needs to take the medical test for Oman Visa?

All expatriates from specified countries wishing to obtain a work permit or residence visa in Oman are essential to pass a medical test.

What are the medical test requirements for Oman Visa?

For your medical examination process, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Appointment slip
  • Original passport with a copy
  • Original National ID card with a copy
  • 4 passport-size photographs.

How to apply for Medical Test for Oman Visa?

To apply for medical test in Oman, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Book an appointment through Wafid (Gamca) Website
  • Select your country of residence or work and provide your details (the medical center will be assigned automatically)
    Enter all the information that is required and press submit
    Complete payment (credit card)

A medical examination slip will be provided on payment. Please visit your medical center to get your medical checkup.

How to check medical conditions?

Check your medical condition status on the official site of GAMCA. Just provide your passport number and nationality to see your medical status.

Please note – You can`t select a medical centre, it is provided according to your location and requirement. For Wafid Medical Appointment for Oman Visa or for any further information you can directly visit Wafid Medical’s official website.